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Thursday, May 18, 2006 audio book release releases their 8th

"When Miners March"
The Battle of Blair Mountain
by William C. Blizzard
Performance by Ross Ballard II

Audio Drama Martinsburg, WV May 2006: Audiobooks proudly announces its latest exciting audio drama: "When Miners March - The Battle of Blair Mountain" - by William C. Blizzard (ISBN 0-9717801-7-X). Listeners from Alaska to Florida have gotten to know the award winning WV audio drama studio through its website and critically reviewed releases such as, Daughter of the Elm, Lost Highway, and The Great Baltimore Fire! The timing of the release runs concurrently with the nomination of Logan County's famous battle site, Blair Mountain, to the National Registry of Historic Places. The work is a painfully accurate account of coal mining in West Virginia's energy rich mountains and the realization that power and influence can be bought as easily now as it was then. Written by the son of the leader of the famous 1921 march into coal company held territory, it lays out in stark detail the struggle for survival as dozens of its main players are brought back to life.

WV Actor and Producer, Ross Ballard has captured in audiodrama the once hidden crimes committed by rich mine owners against a desperate multicultural working class. The listener will hear several of the Mountain State's notorious governors try to explain away their collusion with powerful out of state interests while men, women and children were gunned down in their tents. No matter what you've been told, here is the true story.

An exhaustive work brought to an eager audience on 7 audio-dramatic (SFx) CD's this project also highlights the passion of West Virginia's musical talent with a bonus Soundtrack CD of sixteen (16) songs honoring miners and the mining profession. Such celebrities as Hazel Dickens, Mike Morningstar, Elaine Purkey, and one of Ireland's up and coming singer/songwriter duos, Enda Cullen and Ian Smith bring their musical talent to the project.

"When Miners March - The Battle of Blair Mountain" is a limited run edition selling for $24.95.

Release Date: June 1st, 2006

Copies can be purchased on the web site ( and many state bookstores. The dedication on the back cover says simply and meaningfully: "In memory of those lost at the Sago Mine Disaster"