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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Our own Sal Buttaci was interviewed this week on Blog Talk Radio's poetry show Full of Crow.
To hear it, go to the following site and click on "play" under "Full of Crow."

Friday, June 25, 2010

Early Sign Up For Morgantown Poets Poetry Workshop

Authors Tamara Woods and Ted Webb will guide you through strengthening your poetry with powerful, vivid metaphor and show you how to share your writing with the world via cutting-edge social media marketing techniques.

The workshop is a "Poet's Guide to Metaphor & Marketing."

They'll first teach you how to make your poetry sing and then they'll show you how to sell it. There will be small group exercises for writing and for pitching ideas.

The workshop will be Saturday, August 7 from 1-3 p.m. at the Monongalia Arts Center (MAC).

The workshop registration form is LINKED HERE. Download it today, fill it out and mail it in. The postmark deadline for early-bird registration is Friday, July 9. Those, who register early receive a $10 discount on fees. The final mail-in registration date is Friday, July 30.

Seats will fill up fast, and the workshop is limited to the first 40 people registered.

"While being involved in the poetry scene in town, we've had people ask us about poetry workshops and if there is one available," said Woods. "The idea is for the workshop to be compact, but filled with useful knowledge to help the poets to take their work to the next level."

The MAC is located at 107 High Street beside Hotel Morgan.

Following the workshop, the Second Annual Brew Ha-Ha will be held in downtown Morgantown. This one-of-a-kind event brings together comedians, food and beer.

About the authors:

Ted Webb is a co-founding member of Morgantown Poets, a monthly event serving the literary arts community in north-central West Virginia. His poem, "Star Bus" was recently selected for Mountain Line "Poetry on the Move" program. Webb's writing has been published in Appalachian Sand & Gravel, West Virginia Words, Outstretch, Appalachian Crier and Trillium, among other places.

Tamara Woods is also a co-founding member of Morgantown Poets. She has hosted Tha.Speakeasy, a poetry slam open to the community since 2005. She has written for a number of West Virginia newspapers including the Dominion Post and The Wheeling News-Register. She currently blogs for Indyposted.

For registration information or to find out more about the workshop contact Ted Webb at: or call: 304-285-8784

Monday, June 21, 2010

An Afternoon with West Virginia Writers for FestivAll 2010

On Saturday, June 26 from 3p to 4:15, WV Writers will be presenting an afternoon of readings and performances by our members at the Clay Center's Walker Theatre. This is part of Charleston's FestivAll 2010.

For those who missed the Friday night entertainment at this year's Summer Conference, many of the same performers from that event will be on hand for this one, including Granny Sue Holstein, Cat Pleska, Wilma Acree, Kathleen Coffee, Susan Nicholas, Terry McNemar and Eric Fritzius, who will also serve as MC for the event.

Our special guest for this gathering will be actor, poet, playwright, former conference workshop presenter and West Virginia native David Selby. David will be reading some of his poetry.

So please do join us for our FestivAll appearance at the Clay Center's Walker Theatre at 3 p.m. on Saturday, June 26.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Michael Knost Level One Writers Workshop

Bram Stoker Award-winning author and editor Michael Knost is presenting a level one writers workshop on June 26 in Huntington.

If you are serious about getting published, then this is the first step in your writing career. Here is your chance to learn from an international publishing professional.

Mountwest Community & Technical College
3rd Ave. and 18th street
Huntington, WV
(Next to the Cam Henderson Center)

Saturday, June 26, 2010
From 9:00 a.m. to 1:45 p.m.


Plot & Story
9:00 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.

10:00 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.

Point of View & Dialogue
11:00 p.m. – 11:45 p.m.

12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.

(lunch is not included in cost, but we will all eat together with a free-for-all writing craft discussion.)

Creating Great Characters
1:00 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.

Cost $125.00 for all four classes

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Seeking the Swan Readings!

Come hear award winning writers included in the SEEKING THE SWAN anthology at Taylor Books, Wed. June 23 at 7 pm. Taylor Books is on Capital Street in Charleston, WV. The readers are past winners in West Virginia Writers, Inc. annual contest. On Wednesday night, Llewellyn McKernan, Eddy Pendarvis, Laura Bentley, Belinda Anderson, Wilma Acree, and Geoff Fuller will read from the SWAN, plus maybe a bonus piece or two. If you want to know what winning writers write and sound like: join us! Co-sponsored by WVW, Inc. and Taylor Books, for FestivALL. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WVW 2010 Writing Contest Winners List


EMERGING WRITERS PROSE (Judge: Donna Gayle Akers. Entries: 70)

• 1st Place Emma Eisenberg, Pocahontas, "This is Not the Whole Story
• 2nd Place Amabile Milano, Raleigh, M.D. "Murder On The Mountain
• 3rd Place Joseph Malone, California, "It's All In the Eyes"
• 1st HM Megan Lyon, Kanawha, "The Tub"
• 2nd HM Jonathan Byrne, Putnam, "Jury Duty"
• 3rd HM Erik Hanson, Nebraska, "Out of Sight, Out of Mind"

EMERGING WRITERS: POETRY (Judge: Ed Davis. Entries: 39)

• 1st Place Kimberly Honaker, Monongalia, "At The Movies"
• 2nd Place Mark Higgs, Roane, "Sunstorm"
• 3rd Place Sheree Henderson, Gilmer, "Coal River"
• 1st HM Philip Cotter, PENNSYLVANIA, "soft youth dew"
• 2nd HM Anita Pennington, Kanawha, "Reunion"
• 3rd HM Kimberly Honaker, Monongalia, "Questioning the Siren"

INSPIRATION (Judge: Debra Engle. Entries: 44)

• 1st Place Tovli Simiryan, Kanawha, "Skies"
• 2nd Place Marion Kee, WASHINGTON, "on hearing Bill Withers in the ninth grade"
• 3rd Place Diane Tarantini, Monongalia, "Like Salt to French Fries
• 1st HM Marion Kee, WASHINGTON, "The Way to Pap-Paw Ed's"
• 2nd HM Julie Pratt, Kanawha, "On the Island of Old Women
• 3rd HM Cathy D. Gross, PENNSYLVANIA, "Encounter With Henry"

NONFICTION CATEGORY (Judge: Linda Scott DeRosier. Entries: 59)

• 1st Place Drema Hall Berkheimer, TEXAS, "Running on a Red Dog Road
• 2nd Place Katherine P. Manley, Logan, "Black Gold"
• 3rd Place Marion Kee, WASHINGTON, "Eleven Going on Sixties"
• 1st HM Drema Hall Berkheimer, TEXAS, "Death on Flat Mountain"
• 2nd HM Fred M. Powers, Mercer, "Buried Alive: A Coal Miner's Story
• 3rd HM Katherine P. Manley, Logan, "Radio Land"
• 4th HM Rosalie M. Ash, Cabell, "Cooking Fried Chicken From Scratch"

SCRIPTS / STAGE PLAYS (Judge: Jill Patrick. Entries: 24)

• 1st Place Felicia "Leigh" Horne, Morgan, "Ezra & Jake"
• 2nd Place Kenley Smith, VIRGINIA, "The Shade of Trees"
• 3rd Place James Antonini, Monongalia, "The Butcher and the Butterfly"
• 1st HM Victoria Casey and Betty Barnett (co-authors), Kanawha, "Shattered Identity"
• 2nd HM James Antonini, Monongalia, "The Stars Behind the Fog"
• 3rd HM Sally Brinkman, Morgan, "The Devil Does the Salsa"

HUMOR CATEGORY (Judge: Leigh Anne Jashaway. Entries: 46)

• 1st Place Ceason Ranson, Jackson, "Ringneck"
• 2nd Place Jim Koenig, Jefferson, "Rock of Ages"
• 3rd Place Diane Tarantini, Monongalia, "Burying Barney"
• 1st HM Leona Williamson, Greenbrier, "On The Wings Of Curiosity"
• 2nd HM Miles Dean, Fayette, "Flood"
• 3rd HM Chris Kuell, CONNECTICUT, "Character Sketch"

CHILDREN'S BOOKS (Judge: Jennifer Allison. Entries: 41)

• 1st Place Susan Nicholas, Cabell,"The Woman in the Woods"
• 2nd Place Brenda M. Clark, Summers,"Zapped"
• 3rd Place Megan Lyon, Kanawha, "Trunket's Meadow
• 1st HM Craig Etchison, Mineral,"Sam's Song"
• 2nd HM Rachel S. King, Monongalia, "The Back Field"
• 3rd HM S. L. Gardner, PENNSYLVANIA, "Coal Patches"

SHORT POETRY CATEGORY (Judge: Michael Wurster. Entries: 88)

• 1st Place Jim Davis, Marion, "Spruce Knob"
• 2nd Place Dvon Duncan, Wyoming, "Left Within - May 9, 2009"
• 3rd Place Charity Gingerich, Monongalia, "Poem for a Late Summer Day"
• 1st HM Rachel Hyde, Wood, "The Siding Specialist
• 2nd HM Susan Sheppard, Wood, "Crossroads"
• 3rd HM Bonnie B. Thurston, Ohio,"Foretaste of Heaven"

LONG POETRY CATEGORY (Judge: Rick Campbell. Entries: 101)

• 1st Place CJ Farnsworth, Ohio, "some rare but serious side effects may include"
• 2nd Place Carol Del Col, Barbour, "Causal Analysis"
• 3rd Place Sara M. Crickenberger, Greenbrier, "It's hot in Texas this time of year"
• 1st HM Anni L. Corley, Barbour, "After The Rain"
• 2nd HM Susan Sheppard, Wood, "The Killers"
• 3rd HM Wilma Acree, Wood, "If You See Buzzards

APPLACHIAN WRITING CATEGORY (Judge: Gretchen Moran Laskas. Entries: 85)

• 1st Place Eric Fritzius, Mercer, "Blueberry Radio"
• 2nd Place Jim Davis, Marion, "Black Diamond"
• 3rd Place, Katherine P. Manley, Logan, "Black Gold"
• 1st HM Patsy E. Pittman, Wood, "What You Plant in the Fall
• 2nd HM Marion Kee, WASHINGTON, "on hearing Bill Withers in the ninth grade"
• 3rd HM Anni L. Corley, Barbour, "God Laughs"
• 4th HM, Susan DeVan, Hampshire, "Granny Gets Religion"

SHORT STORY CATEGORY (Judge: Tim Poland. Entries: 103)

• 1st Place Anne M. Felty, Tucker, "January Snow"
• 2nd Place Rachel King, Monongalia, "Our 1st Market Day"
• 3rd Place Emma Eisenberg, Pocahontas, "This is Not the Whole Story
• 1st HM Sara M. Crickenberger, Greenbrier, "Eating Pizza in Peru"
• 2nd HM Patsy E. Pittman, Wood, "What You Plant in the Fall"
• 3rd HM Anne M. Felty, Tucker, "The Shooter"

BOOK LENGTH PROSE CATEGORY (Judge: Brad Barkley. Entries: 57)

• 1st Place Kathleen Furbee, Preston, “Frogs”
• 2nd Place Diane Tarantini, Monongalia, “Confessions of Life Half Lived”
• 3rd Place Andrea Parkins, Jackson, “Broken Ridge”
• 1st HM Barbara Whittington, Ohio, “Kill Me Or Drive Me To Florida”
• 2nd HM Alicia Bishop Drumgoole, Jefferson, “The Normal Ones”
• 3rd HM Ceason Ranson, Jackson, “Butter & Margarine”


• 1st place - Matthew J. Gleason for "Traveling Through Time"
• 2nd place - Joshua Lynn for "Detrich's Endeavor"
• 3rd place - Bayley Wellings for "Michiah's World"
• 1st HM - Nathan Poole for "The Fright"
• 2nd HM - Chloe Allen for "Rosie the Spy"
• 3rd HM - Chloe Allen for "Susan Stitch"
• 4th HM - Mary Grace Tillman for "A Mixed Up Fairy Tale"

Middle School:
• 1st place - Jesi Hersom for "Beach"
• 2nd place - Elizabeth Buscher for "It's Just a Game"
• 3rd place - Evanthea Hammer for "Fish Tales"
• 1st HM - Shayla Roberts for "Snow"
• 2nd HM - Zoe Jenkins for "Remember"
• 3rd HM - Johnna Akers for "He's a Great Catch"

High School:
• 1st place - Alora Ray for "November 14th"
• 2nd place - Clara M. Tillman for "Gloria"
• 3rd place - Ryan Zahalka for "Self-Incrimination"
• 1st HM - Alex Hersom for "Luv"
• 2nd HM - Ryan Zahalka for "David V: Little Moon Packs Big Punch"
• 3rd HM - Zoie McNeill for "Into the Night"
• 4th HM - Clara M. Tillman for "Dance"


People’s Choice Prose (Friday)
• 1st - Marion Kee "Mr. Ross"
• 2nd - Diane Tarantini "A Star is Born"
• 3rd - Kathy Kish "You Can't Compromise with a Fine Thread Screw"

People’s Choice Prose (Saturday)
• 1st - Carol Reiley "Power of One"

People’s Choice Poetry (Friday)
• 1st - Micheal O'Kelly "If I Could Hold You"
• 2nd - Kayla Ward "If You Were a Poem"
• 3rd - Gloria Earle "Fright"

People's Choice Poetry (Saturday)
• 1st place - Michael O'Kelly for "If I Could Hold You"
• 2nd place - Llewellyn McKernan for "The Girl in the Black Raincoat"
• 3rd place - Andi Stout for "Daily Forecast"

People’s Choice Youth (Saturday)
• 1st - Jon Miltenberger "More than meets the eye"


Writer's Wall Prose
• 1st - Jessica Murphy "Ommatophobia"
• 2nd - Bob Clark "In the Silence"
• 3rd - Austin Rempel "Chapter 1"

Writer's Wall Poetry
• 1st - Miles Dean "Coat Rack in the Corner"
• 2nd - Susan DeVann "Raptor Haiku Trilogy"
• 3rd - Scarlet Sheppard "Pancake Makeup"

Writer's Wall Youth
• 1st - Carleigh Walker "Brushstrokes"
• 2nd - Theresa Buczek "Stars"
• 3rd - Jon Miltenberger "By the Light of the Stars"

Poetry book contest: Snake Nation Press

(This news courtesy of Rhonda Browning White)

Violet Reed Haas Prize for Poetry: Snake Nation Press

50-75 page manuscript

$1,000 prize and publication

An entry fee of $25 must accompany the manuscript

Previously published eligible

Deadline: June 30, 2010

Mailing Address:
Snake Nation Press
2920 North Oak Street
Valdosta, Georgia 31602

Poetry contest: Alehouse

(This news courtesy Rhonda Browning White)

The 2010 Happy Hour Poetry Awards

$1000 • Best Poem
$100 • Four Runners Up

Postmark Deadline: July 1st, 2010

Contest Rules:

• Contest open to all poets across the country and around the world.
• Maximum length: 40 lines per poem. Any topic. Any form.
• All entries considered for publication in the 2011 issue of Alehouse.
• All entries must be typed and include an SASE for notification.
• All manuscripts will be recycled. Please do not send your only copies.
• All entries must be original and not yet nor soon-to-be published.
• Simultaneous submissions accepted: We report six weeks after deadline.
• Please notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.
• Omit poet's name and all personal information from the poems.
• Include name, address, telephone, email, and poem titles in cover letter.
• Please postmark entries by July 1st, 2010. (No FedEx or UPS.)
• Entry fee is $15 per batch of 3 poems, payable to Alehouse Press.
• All US entrants receive a subscription copy of Alehouse 2011.
• Mail poems, entry fee(s), and additional information requests to:

Alehouse Press
The Happy Hour Poetry Awards
PO Box 31655
San Francisco, CA 94131

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chapbook contest+magazine call for submissions: SpringGun

(This news courtesy R.S. White)

SpringGun Press / is excited to announce an open call for submissions to our 2011 Poetry Chapbook Prize. All entries will be judged anonymously by the editors with a cash prize of $500 and publication by SpringGun Press.

Contest Guidelines for the 2011 SpringGun Chapbook Prize, for any poet writing in English.

• Manuscript must be postmarked by August 16, 2010.

Send Manuscripts to:

Editors of SpringGun
450 W. 14th Ave
PO Box 48145
Denver, CO 80204

General Contest Terms:
• Multiple submissions are acceptable, but each manuscript must be accompanied by its own cover page and fee.
• We welcome simultaneous submissions. However, please notify us immediately at <editor(at)> (replace (at) with @) if your manuscript is accepted elsewhere.
• Entry fee of $10 must accompany each submission; make check payable to SPRINGGUN PRESS.
• No translations

Manuscript Requirements:
• 25-40 pages, paginated
• Securely bound with a removable clip or band
• Cover page with: name, address, telephone, and email
• Title page with manuscript title only
• Please DO NOT include acknowledgement or bio pages

• For notification of winner, please send an email to
<editor(at)> (replace (at) with @)
with the words CHAPBOOK SASE in the subject line.
• Manuscripts will not be returned

SpringGun's Journal - Third Issue Reading Period: 4/1/10-8/1/10

The reading period for the third issue of SpringGun is now accepting original and innovative poetry, flash fiction (up to 1000 words), digital poetry, essays, interviews and book reviews. Our journal has featured work by Stephen Graham Jones, Mez Breeze, J. Michael Martinez, Jason Nelson and many other incredible writers.

To see our current issue please visit:

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tweeting the Awards Banquet

We will be attempting to Tweet the winners of the 2010 WVW Writing Contest starting around 7:45 tonight. Find it at

In case of wireless difficulties, we will post the whole list to this blog immediately after the ceremony, around 10 p.m.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

How To Pitch to Agents & Editors 101 Podcast with Christine Witthohn

This week we present our much heralded interview with Christine Witthohn from Bookcents Literary Agency in Charleston. Christine is a guest at this coming weekend's 2010 WV Writers Summer Conference. There, she'll be joining fellow agent Kelly Mortimer and Sourcebooks, Inc, editorial manager Peter Lynch to take pitches from conference attendees for potential representation or publication.

To prep our attendees for the sessions, Christine and one of her clients, writer S.G. Redling, will be leading a workshop on Saturday morning on how to pitch to agents and editors. However, I thought it would be good to get a podcast preview of that information here so that our listeners who want to pitch can go into the conference with a heads up on the process. Christine also explains what kind of material she is looking for at Book Cents.

If you can't join us for the podcast, fear not, for Christine will be doing a much more indepth How To session on Saturday morning of the conference.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Dark fantasy anthology contest: Pill Hill Press

(News courtesy of R. S. White)

Flesh & Bone: Rise of the Necromancers
Short Story Contest
Winning stories selected by Alva J. Roberts
Edited by Jessy Marie Roberts
Email entries (via docx, doc or rtf attachment)
to: <necromancers(at)> (replace (at) with @)

Please put SUBMISSION, followed by the title of the story, in the
subject line of your email. Thanks!

Pill Hill Press is excited to announce its second writing contest.
Winning stories will be published in a print anthology. Winners will

1st Place - $125.00 + 1 contributor's copy of the book
2nd Place - $50.00 + 1 contributor's copy of the book
3rd Place - $25.00 + 1 contributor's copy of the book
Runners-up - 1 contributor's copy of the book

Send us your darkest, fiercest, most magical DARK FANTASY short story
about necromancers and the undead rising...Stories can take place any
time (past, present, future, alternate) at any place (Earth, Imaginary
Places, Your Grandma's Kitchen Sink, etc.). Stories can be told from
the perspective of good or evil or anywhere in between.

Send your best effort. Only one short story per person will be
considered for this contest. Final selections will be made after the
deadline. Winners will be notified by email.

We prefer stories in the 3,000-6,000 word range, though we will accept
stories 2,000-10,000 words. Please do not enter stories under 2,000
words or over 10,000 words.

Contest entries will be accepted until 31 July 2010.
Tentative Release Date: Fall 2010

Friday, June 04, 2010

WVW Silent Auction

(This news courtesy of WVW Secretary Teresa Newsome)

Hi, Folks! The conference is next weekend and we need your help to make the silent auction a success! So, take a stroll through your treasures and see if you can part with one or two to donate to the auction. Just bring your donation to the conference!

And . . . if you possibly can, please help us stock the snack table by bringing a goodie, soda, or
water. It's mighty nice to have a cookie and cold drink on a busy, hot day at Cedar Lakes! :-)
Thank you so much! See you next weekend!

Teresa Newsome, Secretary
WV Writers, Inc.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Poetry chapbook contest: Split Oak Press

(This news courtesy of R. S. White)

2010 Chapbook Contest Guidelines

--First Prize: $500, publication by Split Oak Press, August 2010, and 20 copies of the chapbook.The editors reserve the right to publish the second place writer's manuscript as well.

--The contest runs from January 1, 2010 until June 15, 2010. All entries must be postmarked by June 15, 2010. No email submissions.

--How to submit: Please send manuscripts, cover letters, and checks for entry fees to the following address:

Split Oak Press

PO Box 700

Vestal, NY 13851

--What to submit: We welcome poems of new poets as well as those by published poets. Mail your previously unpublished manuscript of 26-30 pages, a short cover letter, and a check or money order for $15 made out to Split Oak Press. Include an address, phone number, and email
where we can reach you.

--Payment for Entry: Please include a check or money order for $15 to Split Oak Press. Consider your cancelled check a receipt that your manuscript has been received.

--Our Process for Judging: Because we want the contest to be fair, please remove your name and any identifying information from the manuscript itself. Our editors will narrow the field down to 20 manuscripts, which will be presented to John Smelcer in July. Winners will be announced August 5.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Glimmer Train - Bulletin 41

June 1, 2010

Upcoming deadline:
The June Fiction Open closes June 30. This category is open to original, unpublished stories of all subjects and themes. We welcome yours. See guidelines.
Open to ALL writers. First place has gone to beginners with no previous publications and to accomplished, established writers. All are welcome. Word count range: 2,000 – 20,000. (Yes, a 2,000 word piece can compete against a 20,000 word piece—it's the story that counts.)
First place wins $2,000 and publication in Issue 80 of Glimmer Train Stories. Second- and third-place winners receive $1,000/$600 (or, if chosen for publication, $700).
Essays in this bulletin:
Jenny Hollowell: It was dawning on me that we would be reading and discussing each individual sentence of my story. Each. Individual. Sentence. Two hours later, the conference was over, and I had begun to realize what should have been obvious from the beginning: every sentence matters. (more)
John Stazinski: As an undergrad, I took workshops with Frederick Busch, and I often claim him as a mentor, though it's hardly true. I adore Busch's writing now, the taut sentences, the deeply flawed characters, those beautifully shaped stories. But back then, when I was his student, I didn't know to look for these things. (more)
Malena Watrous: But I learned a lesson from the experience of writing this novel. I realized that I had been neglecting setting in the stories I'd written before this, set in America, lazily assuming that my readers didn't need help to see what was right in front of us. Defamiliarization is a classic writer's… (more)
Steven Polansky: I start very slowly, and don't actually begin to write the book until I can't stand not to write it. This method derives from my sense that one can start a book too soon, but almost never too late. I think it is also true that if you wait until you know enough to start, you never will. (more)
Results of the March Fiction Open:
Winners and finalists have been notified, and the Top-25 list is posted! (note) Our thanks to all of you for letting us read your stories!
1st place: "Bangor" by John Stazinski
2nd place: "The Piper" by Sean Padraic McCarthy
3rd place: "The Getaway Driver" by Nick Yribar
Feel free to forward this bulletin to your writer friends. As you know, the bulletin is free and meant to inform and to promote writers. (We never share your info.) People can sign up for bulletins themselves here. Missed a bulletin? They're all archived here.
Looking forward,

Sisters and Editors
Glimmer Train Stories, represented in recent editions of the Pushcart Prize, O. Henry, New Stories
from the South, New Stories from the Midwest, and Best American Short Stories anthologies.

Poetry chapbook contest: Accents Publishing

Accents Publishing is happy to announce its 2010 Poetry Chapbook Contest. Two winners will be selected – one by an independent judge, Richard Taylor, and one by the Senior Editor and founder of Accents Publishing, Katerina Stoykova-Klemer. Each winner will have his/her submission published as a perfect-bound chapbook and will receive 50 free copies, along with a $150 cash prize. Additionally, the winners will be invited for a featured reading at a book premiere celebration event.

All contest entries will be considered for regular publication with Accents Publishing, as well.

The entry fee is $10.00. Multiple submissions are allowed, as long as each one is accompanied by a separate entry fee and submission form. Winning chapbooks may be pre-ordered at the time of submission for $5.00 each.

A complete submission should include the following:
• A completed submission form
• Your manuscript, including
o An acknowledgement page, if necessary
o Two title pages – one with name and contact information, one without
• Your biography or CV
• A check or a confirmation of payment via Paypal covering the $10
entry fee, plus any optional book preorders

Please do not include a SASE, as notification will be made by email only.
We will accept submissions between March 5th and July 31st.

Winners will be announced in August.

The contest is open to all residents of the United States and Canada writing in English. Employees of Accents or family members of judges are ineligible to participate. Simultaneous submissions will be accepted, but please notify us immediately if your manuscript is accepted for publication elsewhere.

Manuscripts should conform to the following guidelines:
• 26 to 30 pages of poetry
• Table of contents
• Single spaced
• Numbered pages
• 11 pt font minimum

Your name should not appear anywhere within the manuscript. Please do not send your only copy of your work, as manuscripts will be recycled.

Entries should be mailed to:
Accents Publishing
Attn: Katerina Stoykova-Klemer
P.O. Box 910456
Lexington, KY 40591-0456

Accents Publishing is an independent press for brilliant voices. For more information, or to download the submission form, please visit us at

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Salamander 2010 Fiction Prize (REMINDER)

(This news courtesy of Rhonda Browning White)

Salamander 2010 Fiction Prize
$1,500 Honorarium and Publication

Final Judge: Jill McCorkle

SEND ENTRIES: May 15 through June 15, 2010 READING FEE: $15
• All entries will be considered for publication. All entries will be considered anonymously.
• Send no more than one story per entry. Each story must not exceed 40 double-spaced pages in 12 point font. Multiple entries are acceptable, provided that a separate reading fee is included with each entry.
• Please submit two separate cover sheets with each entry, one with the title of the story ONLY, and the other with the title of the story and your name, address, phone number, and email. Your name should NOT appear anywhere on the story itself.
• Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but the contest fee is non-refundable if the submission is withdrawn. Please notify the editors as soon as possible if a submitted story is accepted elsewhere.
• Previously published works and works accepted for publication elsewhere cannot be considered. Salamander’s definition of publishing includes electronic publication.
• No handwritten, faxed, emailed, or poorly copied/printed manuscripts will be considered.
• Salamander will not consider work from anyone currently or recently (within the past 4 years) affiliated with Suffolk University or the prize judge.
• If you wish to be notified of the arrival of your manuscript, please enclose a self-addressed stamped postcard. Please also include a self-addressed stamped business-sized envelope for notification of contest results.
• Contest reading fee includes a one-year subscription. Checks should be made out to Salamander. We will send your subscription to the address on your cover sheet unless instructed otherwise. Overseas addresses, please add $10 for subscription postage ($5 for addresses in Canada).

Please note that we cannot accept money orders or checks from foreign banks.

Jill McCorkle has published five novels and three collections of short stories, the most recent being Going Away Shoes (2009). Five of her eight books have been named New York Times notable books. She has received the New England Book Award, the John Dos Passos Prize for
Excellence in Literature, and the North Carolina Award for Literature.

She teaches in the MFA in Creative Writing Program at North Carolina State.

SEND ENTRIES FROM MAY 15 THROUGH JUNE 15 (postmark deadline) to:

2010 Fiction Prize
Salamander/Suffolk University English Dept.
41 Temple Street
Boston, MA 02114