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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WVW 2010 Writing Contest Winners List


EMERGING WRITERS PROSE (Judge: Donna Gayle Akers. Entries: 70)

• 1st Place Emma Eisenberg, Pocahontas, "This is Not the Whole Story
• 2nd Place Amabile Milano, Raleigh, M.D. "Murder On The Mountain
• 3rd Place Joseph Malone, California, "It's All In the Eyes"
• 1st HM Megan Lyon, Kanawha, "The Tub"
• 2nd HM Jonathan Byrne, Putnam, "Jury Duty"
• 3rd HM Erik Hanson, Nebraska, "Out of Sight, Out of Mind"

EMERGING WRITERS: POETRY (Judge: Ed Davis. Entries: 39)

• 1st Place Kimberly Honaker, Monongalia, "At The Movies"
• 2nd Place Mark Higgs, Roane, "Sunstorm"
• 3rd Place Sheree Henderson, Gilmer, "Coal River"
• 1st HM Philip Cotter, PENNSYLVANIA, "soft youth dew"
• 2nd HM Anita Pennington, Kanawha, "Reunion"
• 3rd HM Kimberly Honaker, Monongalia, "Questioning the Siren"

INSPIRATION (Judge: Debra Engle. Entries: 44)

• 1st Place Tovli Simiryan, Kanawha, "Skies"
• 2nd Place Marion Kee, WASHINGTON, "on hearing Bill Withers in the ninth grade"
• 3rd Place Diane Tarantini, Monongalia, "Like Salt to French Fries
• 1st HM Marion Kee, WASHINGTON, "The Way to Pap-Paw Ed's"
• 2nd HM Julie Pratt, Kanawha, "On the Island of Old Women
• 3rd HM Cathy D. Gross, PENNSYLVANIA, "Encounter With Henry"

NONFICTION CATEGORY (Judge: Linda Scott DeRosier. Entries: 59)

• 1st Place Drema Hall Berkheimer, TEXAS, "Running on a Red Dog Road
• 2nd Place Katherine P. Manley, Logan, "Black Gold"
• 3rd Place Marion Kee, WASHINGTON, "Eleven Going on Sixties"
• 1st HM Drema Hall Berkheimer, TEXAS, "Death on Flat Mountain"
• 2nd HM Fred M. Powers, Mercer, "Buried Alive: A Coal Miner's Story
• 3rd HM Katherine P. Manley, Logan, "Radio Land"
• 4th HM Rosalie M. Ash, Cabell, "Cooking Fried Chicken From Scratch"

SCRIPTS / STAGE PLAYS (Judge: Jill Patrick. Entries: 24)

• 1st Place Felicia "Leigh" Horne, Morgan, "Ezra & Jake"
• 2nd Place Kenley Smith, VIRGINIA, "The Shade of Trees"
• 3rd Place James Antonini, Monongalia, "The Butcher and the Butterfly"
• 1st HM Victoria Casey and Betty Barnett (co-authors), Kanawha, "Shattered Identity"
• 2nd HM James Antonini, Monongalia, "The Stars Behind the Fog"
• 3rd HM Sally Brinkman, Morgan, "The Devil Does the Salsa"

HUMOR CATEGORY (Judge: Leigh Anne Jashaway. Entries: 46)

• 1st Place Ceason Ranson, Jackson, "Ringneck"
• 2nd Place Jim Koenig, Jefferson, "Rock of Ages"
• 3rd Place Diane Tarantini, Monongalia, "Burying Barney"
• 1st HM Leona Williamson, Greenbrier, "On The Wings Of Curiosity"
• 2nd HM Miles Dean, Fayette, "Flood"
• 3rd HM Chris Kuell, CONNECTICUT, "Character Sketch"

CHILDREN'S BOOKS (Judge: Jennifer Allison. Entries: 41)

• 1st Place Susan Nicholas, Cabell,"The Woman in the Woods"
• 2nd Place Brenda M. Clark, Summers,"Zapped"
• 3rd Place Megan Lyon, Kanawha, "Trunket's Meadow
• 1st HM Craig Etchison, Mineral,"Sam's Song"
• 2nd HM Rachel S. King, Monongalia, "The Back Field"
• 3rd HM S. L. Gardner, PENNSYLVANIA, "Coal Patches"

SHORT POETRY CATEGORY (Judge: Michael Wurster. Entries: 88)

• 1st Place Jim Davis, Marion, "Spruce Knob"
• 2nd Place Dvon Duncan, Wyoming, "Left Within - May 9, 2009"
• 3rd Place Charity Gingerich, Monongalia, "Poem for a Late Summer Day"
• 1st HM Rachel Hyde, Wood, "The Siding Specialist
• 2nd HM Susan Sheppard, Wood, "Crossroads"
• 3rd HM Bonnie B. Thurston, Ohio,"Foretaste of Heaven"

LONG POETRY CATEGORY (Judge: Rick Campbell. Entries: 101)

• 1st Place CJ Farnsworth, Ohio, "some rare but serious side effects may include"
• 2nd Place Carol Del Col, Barbour, "Causal Analysis"
• 3rd Place Sara M. Crickenberger, Greenbrier, "It's hot in Texas this time of year"
• 1st HM Anni L. Corley, Barbour, "After The Rain"
• 2nd HM Susan Sheppard, Wood, "The Killers"
• 3rd HM Wilma Acree, Wood, "If You See Buzzards

APPLACHIAN WRITING CATEGORY (Judge: Gretchen Moran Laskas. Entries: 85)

• 1st Place Eric Fritzius, Mercer, "Blueberry Radio"
• 2nd Place Jim Davis, Marion, "Black Diamond"
• 3rd Place, Katherine P. Manley, Logan, "Black Gold"
• 1st HM Patsy E. Pittman, Wood, "What You Plant in the Fall
• 2nd HM Marion Kee, WASHINGTON, "on hearing Bill Withers in the ninth grade"
• 3rd HM Anni L. Corley, Barbour, "God Laughs"
• 4th HM, Susan DeVan, Hampshire, "Granny Gets Religion"

SHORT STORY CATEGORY (Judge: Tim Poland. Entries: 103)

• 1st Place Anne M. Felty, Tucker, "January Snow"
• 2nd Place Rachel King, Monongalia, "Our 1st Market Day"
• 3rd Place Emma Eisenberg, Pocahontas, "This is Not the Whole Story
• 1st HM Sara M. Crickenberger, Greenbrier, "Eating Pizza in Peru"
• 2nd HM Patsy E. Pittman, Wood, "What You Plant in the Fall"
• 3rd HM Anne M. Felty, Tucker, "The Shooter"

BOOK LENGTH PROSE CATEGORY (Judge: Brad Barkley. Entries: 57)

• 1st Place Kathleen Furbee, Preston, “Frogs”
• 2nd Place Diane Tarantini, Monongalia, “Confessions of Life Half Lived”
• 3rd Place Andrea Parkins, Jackson, “Broken Ridge”
• 1st HM Barbara Whittington, Ohio, “Kill Me Or Drive Me To Florida”
• 2nd HM Alicia Bishop Drumgoole, Jefferson, “The Normal Ones”
• 3rd HM Ceason Ranson, Jackson, “Butter & Margarine”


• 1st place - Matthew J. Gleason for "Traveling Through Time"
• 2nd place - Joshua Lynn for "Detrich's Endeavor"
• 3rd place - Bayley Wellings for "Michiah's World"
• 1st HM - Nathan Poole for "The Fright"
• 2nd HM - Chloe Allen for "Rosie the Spy"
• 3rd HM - Chloe Allen for "Susan Stitch"
• 4th HM - Mary Grace Tillman for "A Mixed Up Fairy Tale"

Middle School:
• 1st place - Jesi Hersom for "Beach"
• 2nd place - Elizabeth Buscher for "It's Just a Game"
• 3rd place - Evanthea Hammer for "Fish Tales"
• 1st HM - Shayla Roberts for "Snow"
• 2nd HM - Zoe Jenkins for "Remember"
• 3rd HM - Johnna Akers for "He's a Great Catch"

High School:
• 1st place - Alora Ray for "November 14th"
• 2nd place - Clara M. Tillman for "Gloria"
• 3rd place - Ryan Zahalka for "Self-Incrimination"
• 1st HM - Alex Hersom for "Luv"
• 2nd HM - Ryan Zahalka for "David V: Little Moon Packs Big Punch"
• 3rd HM - Zoie McNeill for "Into the Night"
• 4th HM - Clara M. Tillman for "Dance"


People’s Choice Prose (Friday)
• 1st - Marion Kee "Mr. Ross"
• 2nd - Diane Tarantini "A Star is Born"
• 3rd - Kathy Kish "You Can't Compromise with a Fine Thread Screw"

People’s Choice Prose (Saturday)
• 1st - Carol Reiley "Power of One"

People’s Choice Poetry (Friday)
• 1st - Micheal O'Kelly "If I Could Hold You"
• 2nd - Kayla Ward "If You Were a Poem"
• 3rd - Gloria Earle "Fright"

People's Choice Poetry (Saturday)
• 1st place - Michael O'Kelly for "If I Could Hold You"
• 2nd place - Llewellyn McKernan for "The Girl in the Black Raincoat"
• 3rd place - Andi Stout for "Daily Forecast"

People’s Choice Youth (Saturday)
• 1st - Jon Miltenberger "More than meets the eye"


Writer's Wall Prose
• 1st - Jessica Murphy "Ommatophobia"
• 2nd - Bob Clark "In the Silence"
• 3rd - Austin Rempel "Chapter 1"

Writer's Wall Poetry
• 1st - Miles Dean "Coat Rack in the Corner"
• 2nd - Susan DeVann "Raptor Haiku Trilogy"
• 3rd - Scarlet Sheppard "Pancake Makeup"

Writer's Wall Youth
• 1st - Carleigh Walker "Brushstrokes"
• 2nd - Theresa Buczek "Stars"
• 3rd - Jon Miltenberger "By the Light of the Stars"