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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Dark fantasy anthology contest: Pill Hill Press

(News courtesy of R. S. White)

Flesh & Bone: Rise of the Necromancers
Short Story Contest
Winning stories selected by Alva J. Roberts
Edited by Jessy Marie Roberts
Email entries (via docx, doc or rtf attachment)
to: <necromancers(at)> (replace (at) with @)

Please put SUBMISSION, followed by the title of the story, in the
subject line of your email. Thanks!

Pill Hill Press is excited to announce its second writing contest.
Winning stories will be published in a print anthology. Winners will

1st Place - $125.00 + 1 contributor's copy of the book
2nd Place - $50.00 + 1 contributor's copy of the book
3rd Place - $25.00 + 1 contributor's copy of the book
Runners-up - 1 contributor's copy of the book

Send us your darkest, fiercest, most magical DARK FANTASY short story
about necromancers and the undead rising...Stories can take place any
time (past, present, future, alternate) at any place (Earth, Imaginary
Places, Your Grandma's Kitchen Sink, etc.). Stories can be told from
the perspective of good or evil or anywhere in between.

Send your best effort. Only one short story per person will be
considered for this contest. Final selections will be made after the
deadline. Winners will be notified by email.

We prefer stories in the 3,000-6,000 word range, though we will accept
stories 2,000-10,000 words. Please do not enter stories under 2,000
words or over 10,000 words.

Contest entries will be accepted until 31 July 2010.
Tentative Release Date: Fall 2010