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Monday, July 03, 2006

Robert Walker Serial Fiction

For all those looking for a true "horror jolt" that puts Stephen King to fact, makes his work look like that of a boy scout, for a mere 49 cents find FLESHWAR...a novel of a pandemic created from a monster that answers the question of "spontaneous human combustion" -- but of course, there's a monster involved, a monster the likes of which horror fiction has not seen in decades. You can find FleshWar on\shorts -- an original, never before published serialzied novel by Robert W. Walker who teaches writing at Mountain State University and Mountain State Academy in Beckley, WV. FleshWar is Rob's 50th novel and it is sitting at #2 in the horror category just below Bently Little's The Mall.

For those of you who detest horror but love suspense and mystery go on an Amazon search for Rob's City for Ransom. The character of Inspector Alastair Ransom has now been likened to Holmes, Nero Wolf, Nick Charles, and to the films of Wes Craven. It has also been called "the best pairing of a fictional couple in decades" by Galway suspense author Ken Bruen.

Thanks -- Rob Walker