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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

WV Writers Contest Headed for the Finish Line (NO PROCRASTINATION ALLOWED!!)

That's right folks, it's time to get those short stories, poems, essays, and novels tuned up and mailed to our contest administrator. You only have until the 15th of March, so don't 'po'crastinate'. And remember, this thing has far better odds than the lottery. The more you enter, the more chance you have to bring home the bacon (or prime rib as the case may be).
What is really cool is going to the conference and sitting there sweating it out until they call the winning entry. Kinda like the Oscar ceremony without all of the glitz, glam, and cheezy comedy. The contest is the engine that drives the train that gets the conference and the great guests and presenters. So, go ahead and get that little diddy that you wrote when the cable went out last October and format it to our specs and send it in and if the cable went down three times last fall . . .well, send all three. Enough said.

WV Writers, inc. will give away over $6,000.00 in prize money!

To enter go to our website and follow the instructions closely. I'll list those web addresses below.

Now, I need a favor.... a big favor. If you are a student, if you know a student, or teacher, or parent of a talented up and coming writer, please forward this message to everyone, regardless of age, location, or affiliation. We have requested help from many schools, media, and government agencies and they have been wonderful but it only takes one person to break this chain. Fortunately, we have our members and friends to help this contest reach more students every year. The more entries we have from students, the more we will be able to do for them.

Thank you so much, and GOOD LUCK!

For adult and young writers entry forms here are doc. and pdf. format:

For student entry forms, here are doc. and pdf. format:

(This news release courtesy of Terry McNemar)