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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Morgantown New Playwright Project

(This news courtesy George Lies)

New play development is one of the cornerstones of M. T. Pockets Theatre Company and the basis for the Morgantown New Playwright Project a collaboration between the M. T. Pockets Theatre and the Metropolitan Theatre Board. Providing dramaturgical support for both women and men playwrights and nurturing scripts from rough first drafts through final production is a specialized, time-consuming and necessary labor of love. M.T. Pockets has shepherded projects by local playwrights Don Fidler, Jeremiah Munsey and Dan Stewart, and national and international playwrights.

The project seeks to bring together emerging and established playwrights with local directors and actors. Deadline: First of each month, 3 months prior to desired reading. Submit Scripts to: M. T. Pockets Theatre c/o Don Fidler; 1117 University Avenue - Unit 505; Morgantown, WV 26505. Email PDF file to: Questions, call Vicki Trickett: 304.216.2895

• Phase One: M. T. Pockets Explorations
Readings of new scripts - selected from submitted scripts as part of a monthly series. Talkback sessions will follow each reading to allow audience feedback. Playwrights will receive written comments from review panel.

• Phase Two:
One to two of the plays will move from readings to Bare Bones productions the following season. Bare Bones is a fully rehearsed public presentation of a play in development, and it will have one weekend run on stage.

• Phase Three:
The two productions will have a two to three day, fully-produced run at the Morgantown Metropolitan Theatre.

Script Submission Guidelines: Please submit the following: 1) A full script or work-in-progress; 2) Project description including a synopsis, a brief outline of your plans for development, and what you want to achieve at M. T. Pockets, and why; 3) Your resume, and 4) Any other resumes, bios, or applicable information. M. T. Pockets Theatre is 501(c)(3) organization and is supported in part by a grant from the Greater Morgantown Community Trust.