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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Poetry Class at Shepherd University

Dear friends, neighbors, and all lovers of words ===

I want to invite folks to join our Poetry class this green July
at Shepherd University, Mon.-Thurs. at Knutti Hall. Our warm
meetings last summer were graced with good poems composed
on campus and beyond. =Please pass the word to any writers
who may be interested. (English 472 would be almost FREE
to senior citizens; for SU students it would count for three
human credits.) We shall explore a terrain of wakeful
dreaming that brings images to light and music.
Do join us with your pen or mouse, and trap
poems that need to be released soon!
You will have my permission if you
give yourself permission to write
poetry of summer's unfolding.
Prof. Ethan Fischer author of
radio mysteries & BEACHED

P.S. Grace Cavalieri plans to speak as guest poet!