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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

National Christian Writers Conference & Book Expo

Offering Writers the Tools They Need to Be Successful

By Rebekah L. Pierce

On Saturday, September 20, 2008, hundreds of novice and seasoned writers from all across the country will converge on the Crown Plaza Hotel in Virginia Beach , Virginia to attend the National Christian Writers Conference and Book Expo. Founded by prolific writer and self-publishing guru, Renee Bobb (, the conference is billed as an event where Christian authors can not only learn about the book publishing industry, but promote and market their works as well.

Kevin Johnson is author of the nine-book series, Give God the Glory,
( and and is not only presenting a workshop at the conference, but is a vendor as well. “I am most looking forward to networking and expanding my current sphere of influence and learning about new technologies,” says Mr. Johnson. When it comes to writing a book, Johnson says that what he has learned about the process is “patience and persistence.”

Project Coordinator and also a speaker at the National Christian Writers Conference, Antonio Crawford ( hopes participants take away three things from his session, “Place Your Book in The Marketplace Using Strategic Planning.” How to position and promote books in the marketplace using the magic P(s); identify and employ multiple distribution channels to deliver books; and create several exchange outlets to sell books or products.
“What I also hope people take away the most from this conference, though, is learning how to create multiple streams of income through publishing and strategic planning,” says Crawford.

One of the most anticipated topics at this year’s conference is book placement. A major key to making a profit for writers who have given their blood, sweat and tears in “telling the story,” book placement is oftentimes a roadblock that many novices and sometimes seasoned writers experience in the overwhelming, overcrowded and complex book publishing industry. But Cheryl Donovan, author, inspirational speaker, talk show host, and entrepreneur knows how to get around all of this.

According to Donovan, “Placing books is all about research - identifying the proper niche as well as the proper message. Once this is done, you are better equipped to place your books in locations that will be frequented by readers interested in your material. There are a myriad of opportunities for placement available. You just have to look for them.”
Participants will spend the entire day not only attending workshops, but meeting and networking with local authors, independent bookstore owners, suppliers, editors, printers and much, much more. (Private consultations are also being offered for a small fee for those who want more one-on-one time with the experts.)

Cheryl Donovan sums it up best: “The National Christian Writers Conference will be an opportunity for individuals involved in the literary industry to get together and share ideas, strategies, and information related to improving literacy overall.”

Tickets are still available. For more information and to learn about the National Christian Writers Conference and Book Expo, please visit or call Renee Bobb at 804-998-8014 and via e-mail to

~Rebekah L. Pierce is the Editor in Chief and founder of Average Girl Magazine, a motivational magazine for women ( She is also the author of Sex, Lies & Shoeboxes, a mystery/suspense novella, has written, produced and directed four full-length plays for the stage and has recently released her first short film, The Briefcase ( For comments or questions, send an email to: