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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WV Autumn Festival Winners

The winners of the WV Autumn Festival Writers Contest have been announced...

OVERALL WRITERS AWARD (adults)presented to Alexxus Fielding. She entered five pieces including two short stories, one essay and two pieces of poetry. She is a forty four year old mother and has been married thirteen years with three children Sebastian age 12, Anastasia age 10 and Calliope age 8. She went to college and majored in education, changing to business management. She has held several wonderful positions, but decided mother was the best and is now a stay at home mom that Ebays for extra money. Her husband, Charles is an aerospace engineer and works for the government. The family enjoys doing things together including playing board games, movie night, reading and hiking. Alexxus originates from Ohio and her husband is originally from Parkersburg.

OVERALL WINNER receives a trophy and one hundred dollars.

OVERALL WRITERS AWARD (children)presented to Carlie Dickens. She enjoys writing, art, singing and activities with her family and is the daughter of Tammy Dickens, a school teacher and , . Her sister Cassidy is a cheerleader and enjoys writing her own songs, both lyrics and music as well as other family activities. Both girls are active in pageantry. She has a brother Jesse who is equally active in the arts and loves being part of such a creative family. Overall winner receives a trophy and cash.

ADULTS CATEGORY WINNERS include the following:
POETRY winner is Darcy Farrow Williamson with "untitled" and 1st runner up was a tie between Jeanne Wilson for "Do The Dead Listen" and Llewellyn McKernan for "Encounter", 2nd runner up is .
SHORT STORY WINNER is Alexxus Fielding with A Family At War. 1st runner up is Jeanne Wilson with "Consequences". 2nd runner up is Susanna Holstein with "Guard Duty".
ESSAY winner is Vernon Burke with "Why I Write". 1st runner up is Mary Kay Miller with "Waiting For The Busses", and 2nd runner up is Susan Norris with "Life".
CATEGORY WINNERS receives a trophy, gift and twenty dollars and all runner ups receive certificates.

AGE DIVISION WINNERS receiving a trophy and five dollars are: Caleb Kesler, Savannah Aldridge, Ashton Alexander, Darcy Farrow Williamson, and Jeanne Wilson.

HONORABLE MENTION in all categories were:
Michael Fitzsimmons
Dean Kobey
Cheryl Reed
Ann Marie Jones
Daphne Wilson-Stabler
Marcos Rodriguez
Victoria Schultz
Nicholas Collins
Sara Tinney
Rylie McConnell

We wish we could award everyone cash and trophies, but sadly we could not afford to.

All of the entrants were worthy of many awards but as we all know everyone cannot win. The judges were impressed supremely.

PLEASE allow six weeks for delivery of the awards and/or checks but don't be surprised if you receive them earlier.