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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Writing Raw announces guest author, a FREE literary sharing website (like YouTube, but for the literary world), is announcing our first guest author. Dr. Jason Denaro, author of A Passage to Burma, Vatican FileSS, Stones, and MINDPOWER (to be released at a latter date), is allowing the unprecedented opportunity to read his NEWEST novel, Fiddler, on for FREE!

Reading a Jason Denaro novel has similarities to sitting in a theater watching a Quentin Tarantino movie, with a splash of Alfred Hitchcock sprinkled in along the way.

Suspense, humor, thrills, and intense research go into each of Denaro's works. This exciting new writer often uses unconventional story telling techniques such as moving the reader back a few weeks in the storyline, then flinging headlong into to the same scene in real time as the novel progresses. This technique creates a great visual effect for the reader who suspects what may be about to happen, but cannot always assume.

Go to now and read his latest novel, FREE!!!