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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Uncle Terry's Gift Ideas from WV Authors 2008

The West Virginia Writers, Inc. Members Book List!
Feel free to browse and if you need contact info, let me know.

  • SEEKING THE SWAN by WV Writers, Inc.

  • 'Everything I Know' and Tips and Techniques Workbook by Sandy Tritt

  • "Eyes in the Attic" by Nadine McKinney

  • Oscar and the Rainbow by Marilyn McIntosh Blair

  • "Silent No More" by Krista Fink

  • The West Virginia Encyclopedia, Ken Sullivan, editor

  • 'The Measure of Everything' and 'I Was So Much Older Then' by Ed Davis

  • 'Journey of the Snow Goose' and 'No Name Harbor' by Barbery Chaapel

  • 'Sarah Beth, Eat Your Broccoli!' by Nancy Merical

  • 'I Saw God Dancing' by Cheryl Denise

  • `The Well Ain't Dry Yet,' `The Bingo Cheaters,' and `Buckle Up, Buttercup' by Belinda Anderson

  • 'Looking Good' by Keith Maillard

  • 'Screamin' with the Cannibals' by Lee Maynard

  • 'When Miners March' and 'Lost Highway' (audiobooks) by Ross Ballard

  • 'PSI Blue' by Rob Walker

  • 'The Tree of the Nevee: A Kabbalistic Story of Elijah the Wizard' by Jerry Blair

  • 'Chick Flicks' by Barbara Smith

  • `Arrivederci, Recipes and Customs Every Italian Girl Takes From Home' by Rosalyn Queen Alonso

  • 'Feast of the Seven Fishes' by Robert Tinnell

  • 'The Rock and the Pebble' by Mark Defoe

  • 'Mountain Voices' by the members of the WVW roundtable

  • 'Black Days, Black Dust' by Armstead and S.L. Gardner

  • 'Return to Io' by Henry Palek

  • 'Surviving Mae West' by Priscilla Rodd

  • 'Southern Fried Woman' by Pamela King Cable

  • 'Landscape Architects' by Rob Merritt

  • `A Child Shall Lead Them' by Nancy Merical

  • Wild Sweet Notes I & II by ……everyone

  • 'Keep The South Manitou Light' and 'GOLDEN DELICIOUS: A CINDERELLA APPLE STORY' by Anna Egan Smucker

  • 'Blood Kin and Other Strangers' by Patsy Pittman

  • by Boyd Carr

  • "Legends: Profiles of West Virginia University Basketball" by Norman Julian

  • `Clarksburg' by Robert Stealey

  • `Risk, Return, and the Indigo Autumn' by Tim McGhee

  • "Jewels in Our Crown, the State Parks of West Virginia," by Maureen Crockett. Publisher is Quarrier Press,

  • Lake Effect by Laura Treacy Bentley (poetry)

  • The Green Rolling Hills: Writings from West Virginia, edited by V.J. Banis (anthology, various authors, included)

  • Echoes of a Woman's Soul by Dianna Doles Petry