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Friday, October 23, 2009

Bridgeport Library "Author Extravaganza"

The Bridgeport Library is hosting an "author extravaganza" on Saturday, October 24th, from noon to 5pm. Authors will have displays and have scheduled times to read from their work.

Author list includes:

12:30 Phyllis Wilson Moore, Literary Historian June Langford Berkley, Poet Opening remarks.

1:00 Puppet Show

Patsy Pittman, Author
1:30 Cheryl Denise Miller, Poet

Cheryl Ware, Children’s Author

2:00 Lori Wilson, Poet

Anna Egan Smucker, Children’s Author

2:30 Debra Conner, Portraying Rebecca Harding Davis
Sonya Dunlap & Sharon Snider, Author & Illustrator, Children’s Books

3:00 Susanna Holstein “Granny Sue”

3:30 Steve Goff, Comedian

4:00 Dwight Harshbarger, Author
Trick-or-Treat Begins

4:30 Charlotte Snead, Author

Thank you to the Bridgeport Library for this exciting event.