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Friday, April 23, 2010

WV Writers Podcast seeks Mother's Day Poems and Stories

UPDATE 5/6/10: The Hotline for the WV Writers MomCast 2010 is now closed.

In honor of Mother's Day (May 9, 2010), the WV Writers Podcast is seeking your poems, short stories and essays on the topic of your mom. Furthermore, we'd like to broadcast you reading them.

In order to do this, we've set up a special Mother's Day Hotline which will allow us to record your poems, stories, etc. and be able to play them back on our Mother's Day Podcast, which will be posted May 9.

The instructions for this are as follows:
  1. Have your piece in hand.
  2. Phone our Mother's Day hotline at 304-661-9745 (this is a WV-based cellular number, so long distance charges may apply). Wait for the voicemail to pick up (usually after 4 rings) and listen to the opening.
  3. After the beep, please state your name, your town and anything you think people might need to know about your piece. After that...
  4. Read your story, essay or poem. Please try to keep them under 2 minutes 45 seconds in length. Anything longer than this will be automatically cut off by the voicemail. If you have a longer piece, feel free to call back and continue it in a second segment. However, please limit the entire piece to between 4 and 5 minutes. Preference may be given to pieces shorter than 2:45. Depending on the number of pieces we receive, we may or may not be able to use all of them.
  5. If you mess up while reading, it's no problem. Just pause and then say "THREE, TWO, ONE..." and start where you left off. We'll edit out the messups on our end.
  6. The hotline will take Mother's Day pieces through May 8, 2010. (After that, we'll try to keep the line open for Recorded Live Readings for possible use in future shows.)
This is something of an experiment, so please help us out by participating. Everybody's got a good mother story in them, so please share yours.

Participation is not limited to WV Writers members, though, if we have more entries than we can use, preference will be shown to our members.