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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Ten Strategies to Write Your Novel

(This news courtesy of Steven Goff)


Montemayor Press is proud to present a new book Ten Strategies to Write Your Novel by Meredith Sue Willis. Says Montemayor Press: "Meredith Sue Willis is a gifted and widely published writer of both fiction and nonfiction. In addition to her many fine novels and collections of stories, she has also published three widely praised books about the writing process: Personal Fiction Writing, Deep Revision, and Blazing Pencils. In Ten Strategies to Write Your Novel, Ms. Willis has now distilled several decades of writing—as well as her extensive experience as a teacher—to offer her readers an eloquent, practical guide to the delights and challenges of working with a big fictional canvas.

"An important addition to any novelist's (or would-be novelist's) resources about writing technique and the writing life, this clear, eminently practical guide offers both general approaches and targeted suggestions for working through the complex tasks of writing a novel.
Ms. Willis describes multiple entryways into this formidable genre, offers vivid illustrations from classic and contemporary novels, and provides dozens of creative exercises to jump-start the writing process. Ten Strategies to Write Your Novel is destined to become a classic guide for newcomers and veterans alike."

Willis teaches writing at New York University in New York City. Her books include In the Mountains of America, Billie of Fish House Lane, Higher Ground, Oradell at Sea, Dwight's House and Other Stories and the upcoming Out of the Mountains from Ohio University Press.

The book is available through your favorite book store, online from various stores including the independent book store Powell's, or from Montemayor Press, e-mail:, P.O. Box 526 Millburn, NJ 07041 or go to the website at