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Monday, August 30, 2010

Naked Man's Rock

Introducing an exciting new collection of stories by WV Writers own Richard A. Lewis!

In the featured story -- “Rebecca's Revenge” -- Rebecca, a beautiful secretary to an offbeat minister, turns up missing. Suspicions fall on the minister and his wife. The Sheriff can't locate the missing woman. Jack Nickels, a former mob enforcer hiding in the Witness Protection Program, lives next door to Penny. She is a sister to the minister's wife. Jack walks the Greenbrier River Trail every morning, just at the break of dawn. Rebecca materializes in ghostly form before him on Naked Man's Rock in the middle of the Greenbrier River. She is a manipulative ghost and draws Jack into her scheme for revenge. Can a ghost be mistaken? Will she finally reveal who killed her? There are 14 short stories in this book. The majority are regional stories with an Appalachian setting. One story takes place in Alaska and another off the coast of Florida. You will find stories of betrayal, deception, ghosts, love -- both sad and humorous -- murder and suicide. The stories encompass a wide range of human foibles. If you are a B & B traveler, you will love these stories that fit the B & B experience. Read one before you go to bed. The next day, you will have another short story to look forward to reading. These stories are perfect for reading when you are by yourself in an old house. Be sure to lock all the doors, though.

Available in Hardback, Paperback, and Electronically downloadable to your Kindle from

Naked Man's Rock