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Monday, July 01, 2013

Diner Stories open for submissions

Writer/editor Daniel McTaggart is accepting submissions for a new anthology of stories set in a diner.

He writes:

Well, the time is here! Submissions for the book are finally open! So send in those stories, please! Submit to

I've said before that diners in the stories should be as much a character as the people in them. So be inventive. Just as no two people are the same, so are no two diners. Of course, they share a lot of common characteristics.

For example: a long counter with a row of swivel stools, a tile floor, a jukebox, booths by the window, surly waitresses and cooks, and usually some stainless steel, neon, or porcelain (depending on the type of diner).

A diner does not necessarily have to have all these elements. Nor does it need to have them in exactly the form I describe. Heck, it could have some stuff I haven't even thought to mention. But however your diner looks, it has to work in your story.

Your diner could look like paradise. Or it could look like a dive. I'm not so strict on how the diners look as long as they work for me.

That said . . .

Good writing . . . and good dinering!