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Monday, November 25, 2013

"Mystery Diseases and Me"

(From WV Writers member Ron Brunk)

"Mystery Diseases and Me" by Ron Brunk is now out on Amazon in Kindle and Print formats.

The early reviews from a variety of health care professionals and others have been incredible. For example, here are just a few...

“This book is a testament to the wonder of human resilience…Ron’s very easy-to-read and frank advice has the potential to change lives.” – Kate Chatfield, MSc, FHEA, Course Leader MSc Integrated Healthcare School of Health, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, England

"Ron relates his frightening story in an entertaining manner, and demonstrates how he moved from victim to victor over his afflictions. A great read for anyone facing health challenges." – Laura Duksta, New York Times bestselling author, I Love You More

“A tale of health horrors, decline, and then recovery. Ron finds the wisdom to understand that life is about Balance and the Choices we make.” – Tad Yoneyama, M.D., Vanderbilt Medical Center

“This inspiring book will aid other patients and physicians too.” – Kelly M. Pitsenbarger, M.D

“A must-read for anyone who suffers with debilitating illness of any kind.” – Dena Bazzie, LPC, LMFT, NBCC, CTS, CEAP

“Ron’s book offers so much in what it takes to make it through life happy, whole, and inspired.” – Joseph A. Wooten, Hands of Soul, Keyboardist/Vocalist for the Steve Miller Band

Sometimes frightening, but always entertaining, "Mystery Diseases and Me" tells the true story of my battle with nearly 30 mysterious ailments including fibromyalgia, IBS, anxiety disorders, degenerative arthritis, manic depressive disorder, panic attacks, shingles, eating disorders, OCD, and depression. It describes the three intestinal hemorrhages that nearly took my life, and the deep darkness into which I descended. This uplifting and engaging book will inform and inspire as it tells what I lived through, and the spiritual and life lessons I learned as a result. It also includes teaching about meditation, diet and gluten tips, and a fascinating Appendix that describes 102 of the strangest illnesses in the world. You can learn more about the book at And you can go directly here to see/buy the book on