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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Blair Mountain Press Sale

15th Anniversary Sale



Books are $10.00 each and are listed on the website ——so that you can read descriptions


Signed copies, and an inscription on request, neither of which Amazon can do.


New Title, 2013

Poems: What Love Is

Victor Marshall Depta

ISBN: 978-0-9768817-8-0


What Love Is on a School Bus



If he were less vulnerable, maybe years later, in his thirties when he's

outgrown his scrawny, miserable fourteen-year-old body and has the

strength for objectivity, he would, embarrassed as adults are by love

beyond their ironies, spoil the scene with realism


with spring, first of all, comparing the jonquils and forsythias to the

yellow school buses, dingy and mud-spattered, and stinking with

exhaust behind the vo-tech building


and then spoil the scene by describing the dreary students, drained of

their joy by the classroom, straggling in lines to board them homebound

to the camp houses, the black dust and burning slag heaps, the tipples

and coal trains in the mountains


and spoil it, then, with all the clichés of the adolescent—the acne, the

oily face, the smell of stale, anxious sweat, the burden- some books,

the bullying and blustering, the furtive glances, the awkward profanity


he would, as an adult, embellish the scene, perhaps with pathos, or with

hilarious, slapstick absurdities and obscene love, but the boy can't be

touched by any of that, not even by his fourteen-year-old ignorance, not

even by what would follow, flesh to flesh


I am not my clichés

I am not my body

I am is what love means

I am love's body

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