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Monday, December 18, 2006

Journey of the Snow Goose

WV Writers member Barbary Chaapel's new book, Journey of the Snow Goose is now available.
Journey Of The Snow Goose chronicles the spiritual and physical sojourn of Barbary and Bill Chaapel, who leave land and everything land represents behind them to sail away in a tiny sailboat 7 1/2 years; To leave the known luxury of home, career, friends and family for the vast and deep unknown, sailing long and hard on the wind, sea-salted eyes searching for glimpse of land. For slowed moments together, challenging their hearts to grow. In the year before they left Cleveland they read and studied every book on heavy weather sailing, navigation, tides and currents the Cuyahoga County Library system had to offer. Although they knew how to pour oil on troubled waters, trail a sea anchor in a storm, nothing prepared them for the solitude of two anchoring off an isolated far-away island. Years ago, with the precision of sailors' tools and compass rose, fate already had charted their course.

Barbary Chaapel was born in the mountains of West Virginia and moved to the shore of Lake Erie in Painesville, Ohio. She is the author of the award winning No Name Harbor, Poetry of Barbary Chaapel. Publish America, Baltimore, MD

ISBN 1-4241-5786-2

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