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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mona Lisa's 1000 Words contest

(This information courtesy of one of WV Writers charter members, Kirk Judd)

"A picture is worth a thousand words."

An ad-man said that. A streetcar-billboard ad-man. Oooooh, we're impressed.

We think not. We think that a picture is only worth a thousand words if those words are spent on description. We think that a picture can only show you a bottle of soda in somebody's hand. It can't tell you how that bottle of soda got there or what the holder of the soda intends to do with it -- the ad-man just has to hope you'll assume the holder purchased the soda, and intends to drink it. Us writers know better than that. We know that the frame captured by a picture is just a fragment of a bigger story. We think the ad-man's quote is crap.

So help us prove it!

Go to the website linked below and have a look at the picture. It is a picture of woman, and the woman's name happens to be Mona Lisa. You may have heard of her; she's, like, famous or something. Tell us in 1,000 words what is going on in her picture. If you do the best job, we'll give you a check for $250.