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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Conference Bits N Pieces (PART II)

Attendees of the WV Writers Conference should also be sure to bring something to submit for the Writers Wall competition and to read for the People's Choice competitions.

The Writers Wall--which is actually more of a Writers Partition, if you think about it, as it's based on the bulletin board style partition between the seating and the silent auction area of the assembly hall and not on an actual wall--is where conference attendees may post anonymous entries to be reviewed and voted upon by their conference peers. One side of the partition features anonymous one page prose pieces while the other side features one page anonymous poetry entries. Throughout Friday and most of Saturday, the population of the conference will vote on their favorites and the winners will receive a certificate and fun money at the awards banquet.

The People's Choice competition occurs in five sessions, two on Friday evening (for prose and for poetry), and three on Saturday (for prose, poetry and youth entries). These occur in moderated 1:15 minute sessions in which each competitor will be given four minutes to read either a prose or poetry entry. The pieces are then voted on in silent ballot format by the other competitors and audience members from each session. It's a great chance to show off flash fiction, essays or that special poem you've written. Awards for these categories will be given at the awards banquet.

Be sure to bring your best material with you!