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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Conference Bits N Pieces (PART III)

Being as how this is our 30th Anniversary, I think it might be nice to show off some photographic memories of conferences past or from WV Writers events past.

At this year's conference, I'd like to devote one side of the bulletin board partition nearest to the bookstore for use as a photo gallery of snapshots from throughout the history of WV Writers. Those of you who've been with the organization for a while, please look through your photo albums and choose some of the best photos you have that are WV Writers-related. And, since you're all writers, it would be great to see what sort of captions you can come up with for them. It'll be worth it to see the hairstyles alone.

Probably the best way to handle them would be to mount them to a piece of paper with tape and we can then tack we can tack the paper to the bulletin board with pins, so as not to damage the photo itself.

Please do be sure to write your name and address on the back of each photo you bring so that they may be returned to you in case they get left behind at the end of the conference.