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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Terror of the Tug

On August 1, 1921, Matewan's Sid Hatfield and Ed Chambers were shot to death at the Welch Court House. This “assassination” was part of the coal mining wars that had been going on in WV for over a decade. These murders followed the shoot out in Matewan in May, 1920 between the coal company's Baldwin-Felts agents and the coal miners. The murder of these miner's martyrs led to the Battle of Blair mountain and continuing conflicts as the miners tried to organize the UMW.

These dramatic events are portrayed in McArts outdoor drama,"Terror of the Tug" Written by Jean Battlo.

The playwright and cast of "Terror of the Tug" were briefly filmed for an upcoming History Channel Documentary.

A member of the Institute of Outdoor Drama(UNC) since 2005: it will be directed by Benny Mills and stars John and Maria Cox as Sid and Jessie Hatfield For more information go to

Showtime: July 27-28, August 3-4, 8pm (with a special 3pm reenactment at the Welch Court House: August 4 only) at the McArts Amphitheater, located at Mount View: Rt. 52; Between Welch and Kimball.

Admission: $10.00

Contact: (304)585-7959