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Monday, June 04, 2007

Uncle Terry's Conference Prep Talk

Our goal was simple.

For our thirtieth anniversary, what say we get someone who does a really great presentation and those attending will remember this conference for quite some time. Good idea? No, Great Idea. Wait! You know what would make it even better? Let’s see if we can get an agent from New York City to come down and talk some business and do some interviews. Even better.

So, we went about, inviting this one and that and some were busy and well, the bottom line is just this. We have assembled a list of presenters to delight, inform, and inspire you beyond the coming year.

Thanks to everyone for such hard work.


We welcome aboard Susan Ellen Nicholas as WV Writers’ Inc. Representative for Region Five. We will have Susan’s contact information online in a few days and a special thanks to Susan and Joe McCabe.


When I was a child I went off to a camp one summer, away from the hubbub of a tough mountain ghetto neighborhood. I met new friends, and I guess I got to be what I couldn’t be at home. Now we are assigned to these traditional roles of family member, bread winner, overseer and more. It’s just what life does to us, but I’ll never forget that year I went to that camp, and the times and those people…

It’s just something I recalled last year, while I stared into a bonfire, and got to be what we often cannot.

And I spent those few days with my friends . . .

Thanks, T.