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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Conference Countdown: Literary Agents Workshop

Literary agents Christine Witthohn and Judith Ann Miramontez, with Bookcents Literary Agency of Charleston, will be featured speakers on Saturday afternoon at this year’s Conference. They will bring their knowledge of the publishing industry to give Conference attendees insight as to what editors, publishers and agents are looking for in the current market and how they typically prefer it to appear when submitted to them.

A big part of their session, which will be held in the Assembly Hall, will focus on query letters. Attendees may bring their query letters which we will collect at the start of the session and read aloud for critiquing during the workshop. (If you wish, names and titles in the query letter may be kept anonymous or pseudonymous.)

Because Christine and Judith are only available for a limited amount of time on Saturday, there will not be opportunities for one on one critique sessions as we’ve had with agents in years past. However, while they are not currently accepting open submissions at Book Cents, Christine and Judith have offered make an exception for future queries from West Virginia Writers Conference attendees. You’ll have to be present at her session to learn the secret code word that will get your submission through the door.