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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Conference Countdown: Writers Wall

All writers are invited to post one or two poems or short pieces of prose (maximum of one page) on the Writers’ Wall at the conference.

The author’s name MUST NOT appear on the piece. A table near the registration table in Assembly Hall will be set up for Writers’ Wall writers to sign up, and sign-up times will coincide with registration hours.

The sign-up sheet will be pre-numbered with a place to enter the author’s name and the title of the piece. The number next to the writer’s name will be written on the manuscript and the manuscript will be thumb-tacked to the wall. In the registration packet, each attendee will receive a card to vote for his or her favorite poems and prose. A ballot box will be available near the wall. Be sure to vote before 4 p.m. Saturday afternoon. Please note that to prevent confusion, the prose wall, sign-up book, ballots and ballot box are lavender. The poetry wall, sign-up book, ballots and ballot box are blue. Be sure to post your entry in the proper book and on the proper wall, and be sure to vote on the correct ballot and place your ballot in the correct box. Votes will be tallied before the Awards Banquet. First, second and third places in each category (poetry and prose) receive a certificate of recognition.