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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Editor Peter Lynch Pitch Session Details

On Saturday June 13th West Virginia Writers, Inc. is delighted to welcome Peter Lynch, Editorial Manager at Sourcebooks, Inc., one of the country’s largest and most innovative independent publishers. Peter has worked for Sourcebooks as Editorial Manager, trade for the past nine years. He acquires and develops 20–30 books per year, across a variety of categories. Peter’s nonfiction interests include, but are not limited to, books on parenting, history, memoir, self-help, reference, humor, and college/study aids. He is also interested in historical fiction and commercial women’s fiction. Peter is always interested in hearing from authors who are self-motivated and willing to publicize their books in innovative ways. In addition to development and oversight of the Fiske, Gruber and US News study aids lines, recent books from his list include The Four Corners of the Sky (fiction), Healing the Addicted Brain (self-help), and The Autism & ADHD Diet (parenting).

Sourcebooks, Inc ( is currently looking for: romance fiction (single title all subgenres, 80,000 words +), YA fiction and non-fiction, historical fiction, Jane Austen sequels/retellings/contemporary romances/etc., commercial women's fiction (must have a really unusual premise), multi-media and digital book projects, non-fiction: memoir, how-to, humor, college guides, study aids, parenting, business, careers, personal finance.

Sourcebooks is one of the fastest-growing independent publishing houses in the country, widely known for their sales and marketing, as well as a steady focus on building authors' careers.
In addition to a presentation on Sourcebooks, the business of the writing world, and what is required of today’s writer, Peter Lynch will hold five minute pitch sessions in hopes of landing a new batch of clients for Sourcebooks. This is his primary reason for coming.

  • Pitch sessions will be limited to a total of 50, so early reservation for them is recommended.

  • In order to participate in a Peter Lynch Pitch Session, you must register and pay for at least the day of Saturday, June 13 of the Conference.

  • The cost for a pitch session is $10, which will go help offset WV Writers costs.

  • You may pay for your pitch session at the conference.

  • To make a reservation for a pitch session, please send a note by email to President T. W. McNemar at

  • While the pitch sessions will take place on Saturday, there will be an early workshop conducted by Christine Witthohn of the Book Cents Literary Agency on the topic of pitching your book ideas to industry pros.

  • Don’t pass up this incredible opportunity, these folks are aggressively seeking new authors and they publish nearly every genre in any given bookstore. If you would like to verify this, take a look at their website.

  • ALSO…… The appearance of Peter Lynch is due in great part to the incredible efforts of Christine Witthohn of Book Cents Literary Agency. Christine will be on hand to keep this opportunity flowing.

    Books Cents has become an outstanding advocate to the writing community in West Virginia and Kentucky. Much thanks to Christine and Judith Ann!

    For conference registration information: