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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nanny Dish Writing Contest for Mothers

Vancouver, Thursday, May 26th 2009 - Nannies on Call and Fat Rock Productions - owned separately by locals Michelle Kelsey and independent film producer Karen Rebecca Black - have partnered to launch THE NANNY DISH: a unique mini-writing contest created specifically for mothers. The concept is simple: 300 words to write your "dish" -- a nanny story told from mom's point of view.

"The Nanny Dish was created to find a fun way to transition between blogging and writing a structured storyline - small-size!" Karen explains, "Michelle and I have been navigating the world of Twitter for our companies over the last six months - in the midst of research we were finding hundreds of entertaining and unexpected blogs, quirky Facebook rants and posts, the majority from moms..." Karen pauses to note that she is always on the lookout for raw female writing and directing talent. "The Nanny Dish is about inspiring moms to write in eye-catching, unexpected style -- while making every word count." Adds Karen, "you can't fake your way through 300 words!"

The grass-rooots PR and marketing campaign for The Nanny Dish will be executed across North America, with a mom-specific audience in mind. "We're building on the strengths we both bring to the project," says Michelle, "I'm focusing on my network of Canadian moms. Karen's production company is based here in Vancouver, but she primarily works with writers out of the US. She actually started out in the industry as an executive at The Weinstein Company in Los Angeles." Karen's LA ties also helped her bring a touch of Hollywood to the contest: TV writer Aury Wallington - of SEX AND THE CITY and VERONICA MARS - will join Karen and the YummyMummyClub's popular blogger EarnestGirl in judging the entries.

The Nanny Dish grand prize is a full-time nanny placement service from Nannies on Call valued at $1,500 and registration in Fat Rock's August session of the BETTER THAN CHOCOLAT Screenwriting Workshops (a four-week online screenwriting series for mothers). "The winning Dish will also be developed into an actual screenplay during the BTC workshops," Karen says. "This is a teaching tool exclusive to both The Nanny Dish and the BTC workshops - we're very excited!"

Along with the grand prize winner, judges will select three finalists to receive prizes from sponsors The Willamette Writers Conference, Urban Harmonie Handbag Designs, Munch Family Restaurant (the newly re-launched Babyeats) and Juliet's Room Organic Skin and Body Care.

Entry to The Nanny Dish is free and all winning Dishes will be posted on the website for the pubic to enjoy.

Submissions open June 1st at

"Dish up your favorite nanny story - and win! There are three simple rules: write from a mother's perspective, feature a nanny as a main character, 300 words tops. That's it. Submissions close July 15th. Start Dishing - we can't wait to start reading!"