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Monday, June 15, 2009

WV Writers Conference 2009 Just Uncommonly Good Award and Historical JUG Winners List

At the 2009 Conference Awards Banquet, the board of directors of WV Writers, Inc. awarded it's Just Uncommonly Good Award (JUG). According to existing records, the JUG Award was the brainchild of John “Jack” Zierold. It was established to honor exceptional writing, or the body of work, and also to mentors of writers. Over the years it has grown to include service to writers of the state and service to WV Writers, Inc. The award itself includes a certificate and a clay jug.

The 2009 JUG Awards were granted to Geoff Fuller, for his service to writing in West Virginia, and Eric Fritzius, for his service to WV Writers.

1983 - 2009

2009 Geoff Fuller for writing and mentoring. Eric Fritzius for service to WV Writers.

2008 Joe McCabe for writing and mentoring. Sandy Tritt for service to WV Writers and for mentoring.

2007 Patsy Pittman for her years of service to WV Writers and Kate Long for her service to writers from WV.

2006 Irene McKinney and Pam Hanson for writing, Cathy Pleska for mentoring, Jerry and Rae Anne Blair for corporate support.

2005 Mary Furbee for writing, Fay Thompson for mentoring.

2004 Mark Defoe for his poetry and service to WV Writers, Belinda Anderson for mentoring.

2003 Fran Simone, George Lies; Wilma Acree

2002 Boyd Carr for writing; Cheryl Ware for mentoring; Elizabeth Chilton (corporate support from Charleston Gazette)

2001 no nomination

2000 Cleta Long (for both writing and mentoring) awarded posthumously

1999 Sherrell Wigal and Carolyn Sue Ferguson, both for mentoring

1998 Irene Brand and Billy Edd Wheeler

1997 Dennis Deitz and Jim Andrews

1996 Meredith Sue Willis and Kirk Judd

1995 No nominations

1994 Mary Lee Settle and Barbara Smith

1993 Jean Batllo and John “Jack” Zierold

1992 John Suter and Betty Mac Queen

1991 Denise Giardina and Helen Carper

1990 none

1989 none

1988 none

1987 Shirley Young Campbell

1986 none

1985 Louise McNeill (aka Louise McNeill Pease)

1984 Emil Pauley for her long term efforts as organizer of the conferences; James B. Andrews for helping establish WV Writers; Jim Comstock for writing

1983 Alberta Pierson Hannum, the first recipient, received the award for the body of her work which includes nonfiction, fiction, essays, and the motion picture screen writing for one of her novels Rosanna McCoy (which, by the way, starred Farley Granger). She was in a nursing home at the time and died soon after. The effort to honor her was spearheaded by Jim Comstock.