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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mountainline Poetry in Motion Accepting Entries

(This news courtesy of Granny Sue Holstein)

Mountain Line Transit is interested in setting up Poetry in Motion. Poetry in Motion will be an on going project where local poets’ poems will be displayed on our buses. This is a great opportunity for the West Virginia community to display their talent. Ideally the poems we are looking to display would represent West Virginia, the Morgantown area, or transportation in the area but all pieces will be accepted.

All poems received will be approved by the Mountain Line Transit Board of Directors for appropriate content. Poems will be displayed on an 11″ x 5’ printed board that is displayed on the interior of our buses. The Poetry selected will also be complimented by a background designed by a local artist. The background will support the poems expression and theme.

Poetry in Motion will be a continuing program between Mountain Line Transit and the West Virginia community. Poems will be refreshed every six months. Deadlines for future submissions will be announced at a later date.

Poetry in Motion Outline:

Poetry in Motion will be an on going project between Mountain Line Transit and the community of West Virginia.

Five Poems will be selected. Poems relating to the local region or transportation will be more likely to be chosen.

The deadline for submitting poems is Nov. 13. Poems will be displayed on buses by Jan. 1, 2010.

One submission per person.

Submission guidelines:

Poems must be: approximately 20 lines or less, previously unpublished, written by local first-time or established poets of any age.

Flash fiction of 50 words or less will also be considered.

We look for poems that celebrate words, the region, an experience, and/or personal thoughts and feelings. The poems may take on a regional flavor or be an inspiring look at life and the language.

Submit poems in a word or text document with your name and phone number to

Please contact for any questions.