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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stonewood Kid issues Contest Challenge

Wanted PosterAs you may have seen in our online e-newsletters, the Stonewood Kid (a.k.a. T.W. McNemar) is wanted for the crime of 1st Degree Boasting about his own writing skill. He's thrown down a challenge to anyone on the fence about entering the 2011 Writing Contest. The Stonewood Kid will be entering three pieces of writing in the TOPIC: WAR category of the contest and if he wins with even one of them, he will have boasting rights for the coming year. However, if he does not win anything in that category, any of the cash prize winners who are present at the conference will not only get bragging rights, but will also receive a delicious prize pack. The prize pack will include an autographed wanted poster, a WVW Prize Pack, and a special dessert from world famous Bonnie Belles Pastries of NutterFort, WV. All you have to do is enter TOPIC: WAR and come to the conference for your shot at glory and pastry.

To enter, just fill out the entry form on the WVW Contest Page and send it in.