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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WV Writers 2011 Contest: The Home Stretch


Okay, so you didn't get your entry in the mail before the March 15 deadline. Not a big deal. A $2 per entry late fee isn't much, considering the prize money - $250, $125, and $75 - and the thrill of receiving your award at the conference banquet! Entries are down a little this year, which increases your chance of a prize(s)!

If you have never won a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place prize in a previous WVW contest, you can enter the Emerging Writer Prose and/or Poetry categories! This year is a good time to step out and enter that story or poem. (Hint, hint )

I love movies! How about you? Love 'em so much that you've written a screenplay? You have? Well, send it in! This is a great year to enter the Screenplay Category!

The Children's Books Category includes fiction and nonfiction picture books (text only, please), first readers, chapter books, middle grade, and young adult. Now is the time to tidy up those works and enter the contest!

Our Book Length Prose includes novels and nonfiction! Give that manuscript one last editorial glance and send in your best 7,500 words plus a one-page synopsis!

This year two of our topic categories are War and Animals. Remember that war isn't just on the battlefield. It can be found in homes, extended families, workplaces, etc. And don't forget that funny dog story you wrote in a workshop at last year's conference! Every animal has at least one great story to tell! War and Animals - two more great categories to enter! ()

I'm waiting by the mailbox for your entries! Good luck!

Teresa Newsome
Contest Coordinator