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Saturday, January 06, 2007

ID America Festival Play Contest

(Thanks to Joe McCabe and Terry McNemar for the information)



Quo Vadimus Arts is proud to announce submissions are Being ACCEPTED FOR the


a festival of short plays about American identity written by playwrights from around the nation, performed in New York City, November 2007.

January 3rd, 2007: Submissions are being accepted for Quo Vadimus Arts' ID America Festival. America is made up of many communities and our diversity is what makes dialogue both difficult and vital. QVA is looking for plays and playwrights to help us create a festival that questions, explores, challenges and celebrates what it means to be living in America today. The ID America Festival was inspired by QVA's growing concern over the polarization of media in America. News organizations are increasingly biased towards the left or right, and it is rare to find an open forum where differing points of view are given equal weight.

We are becoming divided by the papers we read, or the news stations we watch; a nation whose people are pigeonholed based on their political or religious affiliations, by their lifestyle choices. We are demographics before we are Americans. We at Quo Vadimus Arts want to create a festival where everyone, audiences and artists alike, emerges having seen the world from a different point of view; having walked in someone else's shoes.

QVA is looking for playwrights of all ages, of all levels of experience, from all over the country. If you are native-born or foreign-born, whatever your political or religious affiliation, if you consider yourself an writer or just have something to say, we want you to send us a piece that reflects your view of America.

10-16 short plays will be chosen to be performed several times at the Clemente Solo Velez Center in New York City, from November 16-21, 2007. At the end of the festival, 4-5 plays will be selected as part of an evening of winning plays. In addition, QVA intends to take the winning plays on a national tour of Universities and regional theaters in 2008.

Visit or to submit your play or to learn more about the festival. All submissions will be considered anonymously and will be selected by committee.

Quo Vadimus Arts is an international community of artists working to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences between cultures. Quo Vadimus means 'where are we going?'. This is a question that our company seeks to continually explore by broadening the scope of dialogue at a community level. It is the constant confrontation of this question that gives us direction. Our projects are chosen to bring new stories and voices to audiences who may have not had an opportunity to hear them otherwise.