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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mountain Girl Press seeks submissions

Mountain Girl Press is a young small press located in Bristol Virginia. Tammy Robinson Smith, the publisher and founder of the small Appalachian publishing house, began the venture in 2005. She has published a novel and a book of short stories, all based in Appalachia. Ms. Smith expresses the house's mission statement as "to publish fiction that celebrates the wit, humor, and strength of Appalachian women" and centers on the relationships between women with an Appalachian setting. She stated that she plans to publish another book of short stories in 2007, along with one novel.

Mountain Girl Press is a small endeavor and, according to Ms. Smith, is geared to grow slowly. In the next ten years she plans to have a catalog of books available for book fairs and events. Regarding the logistics of Mountain Girl, editors, readers and printing are subcontracted and the publishing house is currently a print on demand house. The writing guidelines are available online and the house will be actively seeking short stories beginning January of 2007. Romances are allowed, as are mysteries, as long as they fit within the parameters of "women's fiction written by women sigh Appalachian roots". The submissions can be within the body of an email or in hard copy and Ms. Smith does not require a query, as long as guidelines are followed.

After submission, the author should expect a response within two to three weeks. Mountain Girl pays a flat fee for short stories, fees for novels are individually negotiated. First time copyright is acquired by the press and any subsequent publication of the short stories by the author should reflect first time publication by Mountain Girl. The average turn around time between acceptance and publication is about one year, currently. Ms. Smith publishes trade sized paperbacks and makes these available via the Mountain Girl website, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Ingrams. Larger bookstores will order the book, as well as smaller stores.

Mountain Girl Press is a publishing house with the advantages and disadvantages of the small press. Its narrow focus is ideal for the woman who wants to write about women set in Appalachia. It will have the disadvantage of requiring more promotion on the part of the author, although Ms. Smith will readily assist in this aspect of publishing. For the author seeking to publish Appalachian women's fiction, this may be a place to start. For more information, go to