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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Snake Hill sees publication

(Thanks to Terry McNemar for this information)

Norm Julian’s Trilogy: Part II

‘Snake Hill’

The publication of SNAKE HILL by Norman Julian provides a non-fiction companion volume to his award-winning novel, CHEAT SNAKE HILL is a collection of essays about a rugged spot in the Allegheny Mountains, where snakes are common, bears usually present, mountain lions not unheard of, and newspapermen a novelty. Ralph Brem, past editor of The Dominion Post at Morgantown, provided the foreword. In separate years, the Pennsylvania Society of Newspaper Editors and the West Virginia Press Association named Julian best columnist in their states.

SNAKE HILL details the homesteading and outdoor adventure in some of the same places where the novel is set.

Brem writes that Julian "uses words like some good people use garlic...just enough so that you notice 'em and delicious enough to make you want to come back for more."

"SNAKE HILL is overdue in our literature of place: The pungent biography of and on-going concerns of one corner of West Virginia. Norman Julian's crisp, conversational, and frequently humorous voice advises us on a range of vital matters þ animals, weather, house-raising, gardening, forest ecology, local history, geology, carpentry, not to mention the particular pleasures of cord-wood, garlic, and pick-up trucks. This is a notebook of ordinary wonders, an appreciation of everyday mysteries that should be on the reading list of every West Virginian þ and anybody who cares about living with wisdom and grace. " - Richard Currey, O'Henry, Pushcart and Hemingway Foundation awards winner, writing in The Clarksburg Telegram.

"(Snake Hill) is a place that is not just observed and ruminated over, but was cleared and built stone by stone by the author himself... His homestead is emblematic of a life that is independent by embracing its true dependence: on other human beings, on the water, on the garden..." - Meredith Sue Willis, New York novelist and Shinnston native in The Parkersburg News.

For more information, call 1 (304) 599-2295 or write:

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