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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Conference Banquet Pricing Update!

Hola all,

Just wanted to send out an important pricing update for the WV Writers Awards Banquet.

It's been reduced!

For those of you who've sent in your Cedar Lakes room and meals registration form, you probably noticed the price of tickets to the Awards Banquet was set at $17.50. This is an increase of nearly $5 from the 2006 ticket price. The reason for that was two fold: A) Cedar Lakes raised their table service charge from $3 to $5; and B) WV Writes added a $2 charge of our own in order to give everyone who attended the banquet a special surprise in honor of our organization's 30th Anniversary.

We've now changed our minds on this and have removed the $2 charge, opting instead to simply purchase quantities of the "surprise" and have them for sale at ridiculously low prices in our bookstore. This way, anyone who wants one (or four) may purchase them and anyone who does not can refrain, go peacefully and live in envy of those who did.

What is this mystery item without which your life can never be quite complete? Ain't tellin'. You'll have to come to the conference to find out.

Which brings me to my next point...

The 2007 WV Writers Summer Conference is still in Pre-Registration Mode, through May 15. You can find all the information about the conference, as well as registration forms for both the conference itself and for your Cedar Lakes lodging and meals (with the aforementioned reduced banquet price of $15.50) at our website...