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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Nancy Merical's Top Ten Tips for Book Signings

(Courtesy Nancy Merical via Fay Thompson)

1. Take plenty of books—of your favorite authors to read during lulls.

2. Take plenty of business cards—to scribble down ideas for other books during lulls.

3. Don't forget your favorite book signing pen—for both the above.

4. Dress comfortably; napping in constrictive clothes can cramp your style.

5. Never eat before a book signing. The host will appreciate you helping consume all those untouched refreshments... except for the ones devoured by people making a wide circle around your table to partake of a free lunch.

6. Refrain from sticking out your foot to trip visitors who look straight ahead as they approach the librarian's desk, pretending they don't see you at your table.

7. Refrain from throwing paper wads at those who pass by your table with their head turned, hoping you'll think they didn't notice you. They do know you're there!

8. Take plenty of change. There may be a nearby snack machine. Munchies will help pass the time.

9. Resist the temptation to lay your head on the table and snore. You might wake the librarian.

10. When people say, "I'll be back; I forgot my money," resist yelling,"Liar! Liar! House on fire!"
And remember: Don't give in to discouragement. It has been said that seven books are the average sales for book signings. Zero is a good place to start.