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Friday, October 21, 2011


Writer, editor, teacher and WV Writers member, G. Cameron Fuller has a new novel out through Woodland Press.  Full Bone Moon is a thriller based on the real 1970 decapitation-murders of two West Virginia University coeds.

Fuller grew up in Morgantown, and the disappearance of Mared Malarik and Karen Ferrell haunted him.  In 1976, Eugene Paul Clawson confessed to the crimes, but many believed he did not commit the murders. Absent a discovery of any credible leads by the police, the public rumor mill went crazy. The crime was committed by Satanists! The real murderer was the son of a prominent Morgantown family! The police knew who did it and were covering up the truth! These and many other rumors cropped up.

Full Bone Moon is a fictional thriller, what might have happened, part crime tale and part paranormal chiller, based on the rumors and the fears that gripped Morgantown: The WVU Coed Murders. As an article in the Charleston Gazette recently said, "What [Fuller's] come up with, he hopes, is a good scare with the flavor of a local urban legend."

"G. Cameron Fuller demonstrates an adroitness with language rarely seen in suspense and mystery novels and sets the bar higher for us all. Crafted by a terrific new voice in fiction, Full bone Moon's pacing, characterization, and settings are all wonderfully well wrought. In fact, Fuller's terrifying tale sneaks up on you and reveals itself as the best fiction I've read in years. Extremely talented work."

-- Robert W. Walker, author of City for Ransom, Children of Salem, and Titanic 2012

"Full Bone Moon is a bona fide gut-wrencher. Dark, smart, and quite honestly impossible to put down at three o'clock in the morning! G. Cameron Fuller shows us this gritty tale through the light of a full bone moon . . . and dares us to blink."

– Michael Knost, Bram Stoker Award-Winner and editor of Writers Workshop of Horror, Legends of the Mountain State, Specters in Coal Dust, and The Mothman Files

Order your copy now through Woodland Press or come see Geoff at the Charleston Book Festival, October 22 and 23, where he'll be signing copies of the book.