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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Christian Novella Writing Contest Information

(Information courtesy of R.S. White)

Higher Faith Publications is hosting a Novella Writing Contest at their website.

There are 10 Cash prizes available.

They are looking at manuscripts between 15000 and 30000 words.

Themes are Historical or Contemporary romance, suspense, time travel and holiday.

The contest is open until October 30 2010, but the sooner you send
your manuscript the sooner you may be selected to have your manuscript
carried on our website as well.


They are also looking at Novellette length items for our website. These
are between 5000 and 15000 words, same themes as above. They sell for
$1 each.

They are also looking at short stories etc for our FREE online magazine.

See the sample issue at to see what we can use. We
pay a small fee for these items.

Send your items to with a writers bio (new authors
welcome) and a very clean and well edited manuscript as an attachment.

Please make sure your name, email address, phone number etc are all
on the manuscript as well as the email.

We are also open to childrens books that can be put into pdf format
we do not provide illustrations, to sell at our sister site