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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Ed Davis in New Anthology "Chance"

WV Writers member Ed Davis has a short story entitled "Convergence" that will appear in the upcoming literary anthology "Chance."

The second volume of the MotesBooks Motif Anthology Series, "Come What May," containing short fiction, nonfiction, poetry and song lyrics. Although the 136 contributors are from all over the world, many are southern and Appalachian, reflecting editor (and award-winning writer) Marianne Worthington's Tennessee roots. In length 323 pages, the handsome book is arranged into intriguing sections such as "Parallel Realities," "Happenstance" and "Strangers and Kin."

A few writers were familiar—Larry Smith, director of Ohio's Bottom Dog Press', along with recent Antioch Writers Workshop faculty Cathy Smith Bowers and Joyce Dyer—but most writers were new to me. And there's something for everyone in this handsome paperback. The book can be ordered for $15 plus postage at

Davis's story concerns a woman on the run from her estranged mother and her lover, from whom she's hiding a secret. On her journey into the past, she has a ghostly encounter with an elderly couple in a mall built on farmland that was an important part of her past. Their chance meeting may provide the key to Colleen's future.

*Writers, note that the editor is collecting material for the next anthology on "Work" with a deadline of November 1, 2010. For details,