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Saturday, January 18, 2014

WVW Contest F.A.Q.: #1

And now, a series of Frequently Asked Questions about the West Virginia Writers, Inc., Annual Writing Competitions.

QUESTION:  The WVW New Mountain Voices Contest allows for students to pick from six writing topics or to write their own original story or poem.  If a student chooses to write an original story or poem that is not inspired from one of the six given prompts, can that student still receive an award?

ANSWER:  Yes, indeed.  The original stories and poems are equally eligible for awards.  The prompts are there for students to use as a jumping off point for their writing.  But if a student wishes to submit their own original story or poem not on one of the six topics, that is also encouraged.  Our judges will be looking for the best writing period.  That can very well start with a topic or with an original story or poem.