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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Whirligig Stories book release

Book – New Release, January 2014:   Betty Hornbeck's Whirligig Stories – Tales of the Sixties in a West Virginia Town

During the period from 1959 thru 1970, Betty Hornbeck wrote a weekly front-page column for the Republican-Delta Newspaper in Buckhannon WV entitled "West Virginia Whirligig". It was here that she discussed everything from city growth statistics to family life to national politics to welfare and birth control to any number of issues that she felt should be brought to the attention of the readership.

I guess we can say that she was an original blogger. And a highly vocal one at that. As New York Times bestselling author Steve Coonts states in his Foreword to the book, "Betty wrote about darn near everything… If she was interested, she assumed everyone else would be too, so away she went."

This book assembles over 250 of her stories that are sure to hit either a funny-bone…or a nerve!  Stories, historical photos, and purchasing information available on the site at Also available on Amazon. Excerpts at