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Monday, January 20, 2014

Meredith Sue Willis ebook exclusive

Foreverland Press Presents
Love Palace
by Meredith Sue Willis

Now available for your Nook, Kindle, Kobo, IPad, and More

Any E-book format $4.99

Check it out at Foreverland Press:

MSW's first E-Book Only Publication

The narrator of Meredith Sue Willis’s new novel has just turned forty, quit her job, been jilted by her live-in boyfriend and suspended by her therapist for nonpayment. Martha plunges into a personal meltdown the way some people plunge into a bag of doughnuts. Against her better judgment, she takes a job at a settlement house known as “Love Palace” in a run-down community that is about to be razed for urban renewal.

There Martha discovers that she has a talent for managing the dysfunctional institution and its staff. She is attracted by the charismatic reverend who oversees Love Palace as well as by Robby, one of the staff members, who is rich, handsome, recently released from a hospital after a suicide attempt, and intensely ambivalent about his sexuality.

Along with the Love Palace crew of runaways, derelicts, struggling blue collar workers, a former Black Panther, and many others, Martha has to deal with her ex-hillbilly mother, who favors shoulder pads and big hair; her sister the big-shot lawyer; and her dying Jewish grandmother.

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